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Bailout Bill, pt. 1

Monday, Sept. 29: 225-208 against

Friday, Oct. 3: 263-171 for

So I guess the problem with the original bill is that it didn’t have enough pork?

I find it interesting that my congressman, Collin Peterson, was a cosponsor of the bill, but voted against it.  I would assume that he was a cosponsor of the original form of the bill, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007, named after our late senator, but was either (a) not a supporter of the bailout or (b) not willing to give up his seat to Glen Menze (for which I can’t blame him).  Of course, I see little hope for either of our senators, and if there was anyone worth voting for, I could readily see Norm Coleman losing his seat this November.

More to come, including an in-depth breakdown of the causes of the financial collapse.